Lasting Leaf is the name for my unique method of mosaic design with hand-built ceramics. I create the one-of-a-kind, highly textured mosaic pieces used in my mixed media installations one at a time to create mirrors, wall art, gift and jewelry boxes, and custom pieces for architectural installation such as moldings and fireplace surrounds.

Each shell, twig, or leaf in my mosaics is carefully crafted using high-fire stoneware or porcelain, for a robust heat-resistant surface, with rich varied colors and textures. I merge bits of glass and stone with the ceramic mosaic to add interesting texture and color.

All mirrors are designed with substantial hardwood frames and can be custom stained or painted to work with any decor.

Examples on this page are either sold or are custom orders. I always have new work available at my studio, or I can create any style or color palette to order. Please email for more information, or visit my studio during Open Studio events or by appointment. Mirrors are also for sale exclusively in South Coast MA at Gotta Have It! Fairhaven, MA in 2018.