My favorite recreation is walking my dogs in the many beautiful wild areas here in southeastern New England, with  my camera always close at hand. I never get tired of trees in all their variations of line, gesture and expression. These are a few examples from my "Floating Forest" ongoing series photos from these walks, digitally altered with Photoshop, and printed on archival paper or aluminum panels. The prints also serve as inspiration for my paintings.

I can't help but feel and see the world as not-solid but floating, shifting, constantly changing shape quickly and slowly over time. I feel this sensation of fluidity most when I'm walking in the woods, so I started this series of manipulated photographic images - all taken in the woods I venture into most frequently, in New England and New York State.

All prints are 11" x 14" unframed, 16" x 20" framed and printed on very high-quality, heavy weight, textured matt surface archival paper, with archival inks.